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Principal's Message

Dear Students

In this era of Globalization, all concepts and definitions have undergone a metamorphosis. Meanings have changed and so have perspectives. Sartre's observation that tradition isn't what it used to be is more true today than it ever was. Language, the very basis of communication, too is now richer, more complex and down to earth. In such a rapidly enhancing world, where nothing is stable for long,   the concept and meaning of education too has evolved. Where earlier the completion of syllabi delineated in the text books signified the imparting and completion of education, today this very idea would invite criticism. Education today is quite out of the box. While syllabus has to be adhered to, true education touches many related fields. It comprises preparing a student for all the challenges existent today and also inculcating the vision to foresee the challenges to come tomorrow and to be  prepared for them.
In such a complex scenario, all the five senses have to be alert and grasping at all times. A casual attitude will not do at all. We, at Hindu College, keep ourselves abreast of all the changes taking place around us and evolve ourselves accordingly so that nothing is constant except change. It is everyone's endeavour to keep the students in touch with the ground realities and to prepare them for all the challenges that life can bring. They are thus exhorted to participate enthusiastically not only in studies but in personality enhancing activities like sports and other cultural events.
The comprehensive development of a student is our prime concern and motive. The college spares no effort or expense to hone a student's personality. It is a testimony to our efforts that we have given to society luminaries from all walks of life, personalities who have made us and the country proud. We are sure that after you join this prestigious college, you will find that you have made the best choice. All that is expected of you is to devote yourselves wholeheartedly to your education and we will provide whatever it takes, and the whole world will be yours! And this is something that shall never change.

Dr. P.K. Sharma


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